5 Adjectives to Avoid when Eating Out

5 words to avoid when eating out | ExSloth.com

Hey Friends! How’s it goin? Since Spring has been teasing us with it’s sporadic appearances I’ve found myself going out with my friends any time the weather permits. And I know that’ll only increase as it continues to get warmer. A huge part of hanging out with friends, at least my friends, is food.  Because… [Read More]

Busy? Stay Fueled the Healthy Way

4 ways to eat healthy when you're busy | ExSloth.com

Hey Friends! How’s it goin? Welcome to the new design of Diary of an ExSloth! After the responses to the rename/rebrand post I last month I decided to stick with the current name but do an overhaul of the blog. I’m pretty excited about all the changes I’ve made so far and the stuff that’s left to… [Read More]

25 Min Full Body Circuit Workout

25 min full body circuit workout | ExSloth.com

Hey Friends! How’s it goin? I’ve got a new circuit workout to share with you today! Why I needed more circuit workouts My workouts have been getting a little monotonous lately: squats, deadlifts, bench press repeat. I saw a lot of gains in terms strength but eventually I found myself skipping workouts because I was… [Read More]